Counselor's Corner

Greetings School Counselors!

You are an important individual in a student's life - especially during the college search process. In order to better serve you, we have listed the requirements for students attending as a First Time Freshman. If you would like to have an Admissions Counselor from Jacksonville State University visit your school or, if you need to contact your assigned Admissions Counselor, please visit our Meet Your Admissions Counselor page and choose your location.

To assist you and your students in the financial aid processes, we have some podcasts available below to help students and parents.

If you're hosting an awards day program where scholarships can be presented please complete the Scholarship Event Information Form to let us know when your event is scheduled so we can make plans to attend.

Want to share feedback with us?  Give us your thoughts!  Thank you for all you do and if we can ever be of assistance, please let us know.

Counselors for First Time Freshmen

For a complete listing of requirements for First Time Freshmen, view the Admissions Procedures in the Undergraduate Catalogue.

To Apply:

  1. Student must fill out the JSU admissions application.
  2. Student must submit the required $35 application fee.  If applying with a fee waiver see the note below.
  3. Student must submit transcripts & standardized test scores to JSU

Counselors, please submit one transcript through the junior year when a student applies for admission, and a final transcript after the student graduates. Jacksonville State University requires type of diploma and date of graduation on the final transcript.

The diploma type is used to fulfill admission requirements as well as determining if a student is eligible for certain grants. It is also helpful to have class rank and final grade point average if available.

Application Fee Waivers

JSU will accept requests, for first year students who have a financial need, to waive the $35 admissions application fee. Requests including ACT/CollegeBoard fee waivers, NACAC fee waivers, and letters/emails from a high school administrator or counselor will be accepted. Students may complete an admissions application and select that they will be requesting a fee waiver to submit their application. Documentation of that request will be added as a supplemental item to complete the application.