ECE Information


Students who have completed English 101 and English 102 and a total of 48 hours are eligible. A wise student will not postpone taking the examination, since waiting until late in one's college career to take the examination may delay graduation. Students must take and pass the exam no later than the semester before they plan to apply for graduation.

(Absolutely no late registration!)

How to Register for the ECE

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Self Service Banner
  3. At Main Menu, select Student & Financial Aid
  4. Choose Registration, and then add/drop classes
  5. Select a Term: Open the drop down box, select the specific ECE term.
  6. Look up classes; subject: English; Click on Class Search

The English Competency Exam will be the only class open for registration at this time of the semester. The room number to which you will be assigned in Stone Center can also be viewed here. Make note of your room number at this time. To confirm your registration, check your Student Detail Schedule.

Add the class on the day you choose to take the exam. Then select "Register" at the bottom of the page. If for some reason you register for the wrong date or decide later that you want to change the exam date, you must contact the English Department. Students cannot drop the ECE without assistanceAll changes must be made during the registration period. Once the registration period ends, there can be no changes, nor late registration. The rosters are finalized at the end of registration.

Items You Will Need for the Campus ECE

On the day of the scheduled exam, students should bring with them the following items: a blue book, which can be purchased in the bookstore; blue or black pens; a dictionary; and a photo ID.

Blue books can also be purchased on the second floor of Stone Center beginning one hour prior to the exam on each day.

At the completion of the grading of the ECE, you can find your grade listed in your Student Academic Transcript in your myJSU account. Online@JSU students should register by contacting the Director of the ECE by email at once they have verified their eligibility with their advisor. (To be eligible for the online ECE through Canvas, the student must take 100% of his or her classes online).

Note Well:

Students who have taken and failed the ECE prior to this semester must complete the required remediation before he or she is eligible to re-take the exam.

Information about the ECE

All who register must read the ECE Information Page.

Use of cell phones:  The use of cell phones is not allowed during the exam.  All devices that make noise should be turned to the OFF position in order to avoid disruption during the exam (cell phones, pagers, etc.)  The phone should be removed from the desktop until the exam is completed.  The proctor will keep the students informed as to the remaining and ending time for the exam. If you are expecting an urgent call, notify the proctor before the exam begins; you will be required to come to the front of the room to take it.  The English Department reserves the right to refuse to evaluate an ECE that may have been compromised by Internet access, or by any other access, to an outside source. 

Follow Instructions at the Exam and go to your Student Academic Transcript account to receive your Pass/Fail Grade through your myJSU account.

Download the ECE Workshop Handout

Recommended Guidelines and Review for those who cannot attend a workshop

Administrator of the ECE: Ms.Katelyn Williams, English Department